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2021 August Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition
Published: AUG 11,2021

Date:August 3-6th

With the sound of ticking rain,the exhibition ended perfectly.

During the four-day exhibition, we gained a lot.

Light communicators from all over and came together to talk about the beautiful light.

On the wall, the downlight frame attracted bathes of visitor.

The enthusiastic smile on the salesmen's face, their professional ability satisfied visitors.

The lighting fixture all made of PC,but exquisite and smooth.

Comparable to aluminum,it light and beautiful,cost-effective.

Maybe you are worried about the performance,

I can tell you for sure that our privated material has obtained patent right for its best performance on high temperature resistance ,yellow-proof ,anti-aging , flame retardance and non-conduction.

They are generally applicable to light sources on the market.

If you want a different brilliance ,we also have our own modules to match.

As long as you need, as long as we have, pls feel free to put forward your needs.

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